With Accountability Partners' Accounting Services, You're Hiring a Team!


Accounts Receivable
    Monthly statements
    Aged receivable reports
    Collection services
    Sales reports

Accounts Payable

    Enter bills
    Pay bills
    Write checks
    Manage credit card purchases
    Aged payable reports


    Post deposits
    Bank reconciliation

Payroll Services
    Process payroll
    Direct deposit
    Online reporting
    1099 tracking/reporting
    Quarterly electronic filing
    W-2s & W-3
    New hire reporting
    W/C reporting
  Financial Reporting

Prepare accurate, timely, consistent
financial statements

  – Balance sheet

  – Income statement (profit and loss)
– Cash status report (financial dashboard)

Sales Tax Electronic Reporting

Inventory Reporting

Job Costing Report

General Ledger Maintenance


Financial Processes and Systems
Ensures accuracy and efficiency
Electronic file cabinet
Document management

Efficiency saves money with your tax
preparation service

Virtual online reports
(available 24/7, 365 days a year)


New company set up

Analysis of financial statements



Cost analysis

Profit analysis

Trend analysis


We do not require a long term contract.

Our relationship with you is built on trust.

Our pricing options are flexible. Choose from:

1) A budgeted monthly flat rate basis
2) Hourly fee
3) Per-transaction fee

The result is the same: well-organized financials and financial reporting.

You deserve the best – our strategic system empowers you to receive top-level professional accounting at a sensible cost.

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